The Witcher Battle Arena

I wasn't part of this project since its beginning but I still consider it being my baby. I was fortunate enough to work on The Witcher Battle Arena as the main animator, responsible for both character animation and character technical animation (skinning and rigging). I must admit that since the first presentation during the interview I was expecting this project to be very good but it turned out so much better! Not only the game is looking amazing but I have grown so much as an animator in the process. I love it and you should definitely check it out


I'm particularly happy with some decisions that we made during the development. In the beginning the team was shooting for realistic and natural movement but from my experience I knew that we should consider more options. Because of the camera angle and distance from the characters I proposed not to rely too much on the realistic motion capture data and instead use keyframe animation. This way we could bring a little bit more extreme, snappy and juicy animations, still keeping the natural feeling. I think by doing that we got much better results and I'm really happy for that. 



I'm also really pleased with how some of the secondary animations, e.g. death, win and lose animations, turned out. We tried to use every single animation as an oportunity to show the personality of the character and this had great impact on the overall feeling.


I am really grateful for the oportunity that I recieved when my producer Benjamin Lee offered me this job, I only wish I could join the team a bit sooner as I'd love to do more for this project. I have really enjoyed it so far and I know it's going to be a success.


The project is soon to be released but we are already planning more awesome things for the future, be sure to check out the CDPR jobs section in case you'd like to join our growing talented team!


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