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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I'm really proud to be able to say I was part of this awesome project, truth to be told it's the best project I have worked on. At the same time it's also the most challenging one. I'm incredibly proud to be working with such an amazing team. It's truly mind blowing how much effort and thought these people put into the game here in CDPR.


I have been given the responsibility to work on players (Geralts) locomotion and I have really enjoyed the whole process of completing this task. I took it very seriously and studied running (which was my first task) a lot. I actually spent more time researching and watching references than animating (if I don't count polish of course). If I were to break down the whole process of creating the animations it would go like 30% references, 10% creating the actual animation loop and 60% polish. Notice only 10% spent on creating the actual loop. This was a big proof for me that once you know what to do everything gets a bit easier. It's like turning on a flashlight in a dark room.

Recently this project has been delayed and I'm really happy that CDPR made this decision, it shows that their main concern is the game quality (and therefore the players experience), they want to ship only the best quality possible and this is something that is really rare in our industry these days. I also really like the fact that you get 16 DLCs absolutely for free! Rare to see that too. Be sure to keep an eye on Witcher 3 as this is really something to be looking forward to.


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