STOP: 1 minute

19.3.2015 - 4 minutes read

I just got a brilliant idea. Well, for someone it might seem a bit simple and stupid but for me it’s just brilliant because a minute ago I was starting to stress about work and other things and now I’m sitting here, relaxed and inspired to write this article.

During our working days, especially as artists, we get easily stressed and maybe even more importantly we get easily distracted. I have been struggling with this a lot and meditation really helped me to center and ground myself. I really recommend you to start meditating and I’m definitely writing an articled devoted just to meditation soon but today I want to share with you one thing that I have just done and feel really great about.

I wrote this sign on my whiteboard „STOP: 1 minute“ and I told myself that everytime I will get distracted and unconsciously look around my room I will stumble across the sign and that will make me stop doing what Im doing and just relax for 1 minute, relax my muscles, stretch, do a few push ups, grab some water, lie on the floor and just breath and meditate a little. 5 minutes after I wrote it, my subconscious started to be bored during loading of my file and it turned my head on the whiteboard, I read the sign „STOP: 1 minute“ and guess what? I went to another room, sat on the floor and just closed my eyes and kept breathing deeply, I felt incredibly relaxed and chilled just after 30 seconds, close to the end of this minute I got the idea to share this awesome trick with you.

If you find yourself easily distracted I invite you to try this trick out. If you are addicted to checking the email, news or social media, create a picture of a sign on your PC that says „STOP: 1 minute“ and put it in your web browser current tab so when you unconsciously open the web browser you immediately see the sign and have to stop. I guarantee you this works.

You say you don’t have a minute you are too busy? Well 1. if you don’t have a minute then you don’t have a life and 2. No need to worry about wasting any time, you can expect your productivity and efficiency to skyrocket.

Now you have to understand that I don’t expect you to have the 1 minute break every 10 minutes you read the sign (that will happen at first, trust me), I just want you to be a bit more mindful of the distractions and even I could say addictions you are facing. Be aware of what is driving your need to escape the current situation and look for distractions. What is the reason you are not focusing on your work. Are you stressed? Are you bored? Everytime you read the sign at least think about why you got distracted and then work on eliminating those things that limit you. But once in a while go for the sitting on the ground and just breathing, it feels great.

Take care and leave feedback,