Start drawing

11.3.2015 - 2 minutes read

You have to start drawing immediately!

Can’t draw? Not really good at drawing? Great! You especially should start drawing. And I’m not talking about drawing for the sake of creating beautiful rendered pictures to share with your friends and colleagues. I want you to start drawing sketches that you will be afraid to publish. The drawings should be rough and ugly at first but will help you to get better at animation, so don’t worry. It doen’t matter if you only do 3D and can’t even use the pencil properly, the act of drawing will draw your attention to the details you would otherwise miss. Don’t make the same mistake as I did when I have dropped drawing completely. I have came back to it and since that time I knew I must write an article like this one.

Drawing helps you to develop an eye that’s able to see not only details but also changes, angles, directions and even more importantly an eye that is able to see energy, weight and balance. It is very hard to explain in words, but if you start drawing you develop awarness that will be crucial when coming up with your own poses and moves. I challange you to draw, it’s great fun and very benefitial thing on the way of becoming complete animator.

One tip that you might consider if you want to start drawing/sketching: Don’t sweat the anatomy. As it was explained in the Drawn to life by my favorite animation teacher Walt Stanchfield you don’t have to worry about anatomy too much. What is more important is the gesture, but you know that already, right? You have already read Drawn to life, haven’t you? No???? Stop wasting your time and go read it now!


Get Drawn to life by Walt Stanchfield here.