This project has been especially challenging as I have been facing the task of creating not only a body rig but also facial rig of this character modelled by David Jankes.nataliaDavid has been inspired by the great movie Black Swan where Natalia Portman played the main role. He has tried to establish the model and textures in a realistic way and I was doing the rigging and skinning of the character. Later we have decided we could try to exceed our initial expectations and create a fully rigged character including sophisticated facial rig. So far I have done some exploration on this topic but I have never done anything so complex. Apart from the face the next big challange was the skirt, I wanted to remain in control of the animation so I have setup a system of bones and with constrains and wise use of driven keys I was able to make semi-automatic system for the skirt.

Video with demonstration of this rig at work is coming soon.