Layers of Mind

26.12.2014 - 3 minutes read

There are 3 layers of mind:

  • 1. Conscious mind
  • 2. Subconscious mind
  • 3. Unconscious mind

Let’s start with the least important for us as animators.

Unconscious mind

This is the deepest level of mind.The reason why we leave it out when it comes to animation is because we can’t really access our unconscious mind (at least not easily). It contains information such as biologically based instincts, urge for sex for example. Therefore we are better of focusing on more practical layers of mind. (More about unconscious mind)

Conscious mind

This is something a bit more interesting, yet I believe its still not something to be hugely concerned about. This layer is layer of awareness. As said in What is animation, conscious mind is to some degree only an observer of what subconscious dictates. A very nice example from the everyday life how this works is when you are a smoker and  you are aware of the fact that you are smoking and smoking is bad, but still you can’t quit, well the reason is that subconscious mind is not on the same page as your conscious mind. Subconscious mind wants you to smoke because it pleases your actual needs(More about needs) (More conscious mind) 

Subconscious mind

This is my playground. This is what is the most important thing for me as an animator. There are many ways psychologists interpret this layer of mind I advice you to read as much as possible about this topic to find your own interpretation, it doesn’t really matter how you call it, it’s there and it does what it does.

I will give you a real life example so you get a better idea how this works. Imagine you (your conscious mind) are in a taxi, you are the passenger and the cab driver is the subconscious mind. You seem to be in charge and you should go wherever you request, but to be honest, the cab driver has his own will and if he wants to he can choose not to listen to you and go where he wants instead. Another interpretation could be that he could be a pleasant companion during the ride, or he could be pain in the ass, constantly insulting you and talk about negative stuff (this, believe it or not, is the most common relationship between people and their subconscious mind. In order to keep you alive it feeds you with fears and negative thoughts so your life is as comfortable and boring as possible.) 

But how can this be actually helpful to an animator ? Check out the full article about subconscious mind!

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