Gang road

This position must have been tailor made for me. I was able to merge my animation, managing and communication skills and I have really enjoyed myself during this work experience. It was freelance work on top of fulltime but truth to be told it almost didn't feel like work at all. I was resposible for supervising and directing team of +/- 10 young talented animators working on a mobile game Gang Road (developed for Applibot). Ocassionaly I was providing them with technical and design solutions but mostly I was  focused on overseeing the animation quality, giving feedback and constructive criticism. The most I have enjoyed the motivation and education aspect of this job. Its great to be able to help someone on the way of reaching their potential. I have never felt so alive and fullfilled before. This was trully great and life changing experience and I am really thankful for this oportunity.

For more information about Gang road, Applibot and other cool projects please visit their official website.