Available for download

Free Vehicle rig: Bobuo Truck

"Mr. Bobuo has been driving his vehicle to the Bobuo town everyday to buy fresh fish from the market. Impressed by the fact that such a small creature is in charge of such a big vehicle one day when I saw mr. Bobuo carefully packing his truck with bag of fresh fish I got an idea to recreate his awesome vehicle in 3D to share his story with you."

Available for download

Shortcuts setup

"Somehow a few of my keys got stuck so I had to make a some work arounds, eventually I got used to my new setup, some people that watch me work say it's actually pretty cool and effiecient, you might want to check it out too."

available now

Animation and metaphysics


"I found a very old diary on my attic. It's full of non sense but some people find it interesting so from time to time I dig through the pages and share a few lines."

coming soon

Free Character rig: Tom



"Tom is a regular guy. He likes to go out on friday night, have a few beers with his friends and then after the party is finished he wonders through the city and usually he sits down on a bench somewhere and dreams of becoming an austronaut. He also has a third arm growing from his back."