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Free Vehicle rig: Bobuo Truck

"Mr. Bobuo has been driving his vehicle to the Bobuo town everyday to buy fresh fish from the market. Impressed by the fact that such a small creature is in charge of such a big vehicle one day when I saw mr. Bobuo carefully packing his truck with bag of fresh fish I got an idea to recreate his awesome vehicle in 3D to share his story with you."

Available for download

Shortcuts setup

"A super efficient hotkey setup + custom scripts that will boost your productivity at least by 20%"

available now

Animation and metaphysics


"A collection of my thoughts, ideas and theories on game development, animation and life."

coming soon

Free Character rig: Tom



"Tom is a regular guy. He likes to go out on friday night, have a few beers with his friends and then after the party is finished he wonders through the city and usually he sits down on a bench somewhere and dreams of becoming an austronaut. He also has a third arm growing from his back."