Drink water

8.7.2015 - 3 minutes read

I guess everybody knows that they should drink enough water. But to be honest I don’t see that much people actually doing it and that’s why I decided to make this short article about why it is so important to stay well hydrated during the day.

Water hydrates your body the same way it hydrates plants, if you don’t water the plants they will suffer and there are ways you can tell the plant is suffering (dry leaves for example), the same way your body will tell you when it’s suffering. The most common way your body tells you it’s dehydrated is through a headache, it’s very interesting that many people still don’t know this. So before you take the next painkiller for a headache try to drink a few glasses of water first.

Water, especially filtered water is one of the most healthiest things to consume, it’s life, it’s energy, it boosts your metabolism and helps to flush away the toxins from your body. It fuels so many of the body functions, especially the digestion. If your body was a machine, water would be the oil. Drink at least one glass of water right after you wake up to start your motor and also drink water with all your meals to prevent the motor from getting stuck.

Our industry is a harsh one, the combination of long hours and stress is perfect combination for your brain to get really tired and sore. Your brain benefits vastly from drinking enough of water. Not only it prevents you from being mentally tired but it also boosts your creativity and productivity.

In the paragraphs above I mentioned drinking filtered water, as you probably already know Im really trying to eliminate all the things that „poison“ my body and my mind. It started with gluten, lactose and now I realized that even the tap water contains things that are not really great for my digestion and even more important for my brain, without getting too deep into this let me just say that I figured out it is better to filter the water before you consume it. More on this topic soon.

Lastly I invite you to think about this concept for a moment – There were really smart people in the history, all their „smart“ was written in their DNA, when they died through a series of events some of their cells might get in contact with water and if you drink a lot of water there is a chance that you might one day drink this „smart water“ and gain the intelligence of Einstein for example. I think that’s a good reason to drink more water.

Let me know what you think,