Diggs Nightcrawler™

This project has been nominated for "Best animated videogame" by Annie awards 2014. I have worked on both cutscene animations as well as gameplay animations. Most of the game was developed by my former employer Exient, but part of the game (mostly animations) was developed by Moonbot Studios. These guys did an awesome job and it was really nice cooperating with someone with that high standard of quality, be sure to check out more of their work.

It was my first augment reality game. Developed specifically for a platform called Wonderbook which is an extension of Playstation 3. It's been a lot of fun working on something new and exciting. I really liked this technology back then and now, few years after the release of Diggs Nightcrawler we can see that this technology is really pushing forward. Another thing that I also have to mention when it comes to highlights of this game is the brilliant design coming from Sony. It is very appealing for both adults and as well as kids.


Eventhough I love animating humanoid characters or monsters more than these cute cartoonish characters, this project gave me a lot and I'm very grateful for that, I really enjoyed it and have great memories of developing this game.


Be sure to check out the released game Diggs Nightcrawler.

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