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19.7.2015 - 8 minutes read

This question comes from Olubunmi john:

„What do you do when you have two animation jobs (working through the net,and the purpose of having the two jobs is so as to be able to afford your school tuition fee (I’m currently a student of animschool)) and you have to devote time to school assignments(which is very important)..what will you do in that instance?“

Thanks for the question and congrats on getting 2 jobs and studying at the same time, you seem to be doing really great so far. I am very familiar with the situation you are in, although I have never studied any animation school I have had multiple jobs many times in the past, as I’m thinking about it, for the past 3 years I didn’t really have just one job.

I bet that in your current situation there are things you don’t like, that you would like to change. Those things drain your energy, this is the reason why you asked the question in the first place, right? Well there are two things that come to my mind that could cause this.

First is that you might be not living your life according to your core values.

The first thing you should do is to set your core values. In other words you have to discover why you do what you do. I will give you an example from my life.

Most likely your core values will be different, but once you find out what is it you value most your life will get much easier. It all comes down to energy. While doing things that are important to you and that you like you generate energy for yourself and once you have that energy it will keep you going even during the hard times (working 2 jobs and studying school must be VERY hard). If you don’t follow your values and don’t generate the energy you will eventually burn out.

My core values are:

  • 1. Time spent with my family
  • 2. Personal fulfillment
  • 3. Financial freedom

What happened to me was that I was unconsciously pushing off my happiness (first two values) to the future and I was all about the grind. I wanted to have a great career, have the money so I could start doing my personal projects and also spend more time with my family. I was really stressed and was working long hours to meet my financial goals. By the time I got home from work I was burned out and couldn’t find the energy to do anything else.

I realized I need to turn this around so I stopped working so hard and started thinking and observing more. With the help of my two favorite online gurus: Jaret Grossman and Elliott Hulse I figured out my core values and started implementing them into my daily routine. I figured out that if I spend less time on building financial freedom and more time on my personal fulfillment and being around my family I will have more energy and passion for all the remaining aspects of my life. In other words I discovered that if I become more happy I become more successful as well.

I started thinking differently about my job, it was no longer so stressful, I started enjoying life again. The world is your mirror, once you calm down and get centered, everything else falls into place.

By letting go of the excessive need to please society’s expectations to grind as much money as I can I was able to focus on building my website and helping other people, I was able to help out on projects I wouldn’t otherwise have time. I was fortunate enough to get in a situation where I’m co-founding a company with my friends in less than a year after the transformation, none of this would ever happen if I didn’t let go of my twisted perception of life and work.

I invite you to do the very same thing as it has been a wonderful experience so far.

Set your core values and design your life around them. Work your ass off to do so.

See, the second big problem for many people is that they don’t have any issue working their ass off, but they can’t relax, they can’t let go or enjoy life and therefore they eventually burn out.

It is a fact that without breathing you would die. However to surprise of many people it is not just about inhaling. If you don’t exhale you explode! (- Elliott hulse) It’s all expansion and compression, Yin and Yang, grind and relax. Find the perfect balance between these two and you are set for life.

What to do now? Start small, do a little thing today, go do something you were putting off for a long time. Check how it feels and if it’s good then remember to do this once in a while. If this doesn’t help your values need to be checked and perhaps even need to be revised,

Until now you could have felt as if the life was controlling you, but once you have the energy to build your life around your core values you will feel like you are in control of your life and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Additionally I have prepared a simplified scheme of the situation:

You have 3 resources to work with:

Your jobs need 3 energy points and generate 3 money points:

Your animation school takes 2 energy points, 2 money points and generates 1 love point:

Your initial investment was 5 energy points:

Your result is 1 money point and 1 love point:

Do you think you are spending your energy wisely? Design your life around your core values and have fun.

Best of luck,


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