Free vehicle rig: Bobuo Truck

21.3.2015 - 2 minutes read

FREE DOWNLOAD BobuoTruck_v1_0

This is an older project that I have been developing on my own during my free time and I have decided to polish it and publish it for free for the community to create some awesome stuff with it.

2.6.2015 UPDATE

Thanks so much for the support guys, I’m glad you are enjoying the rig. I have already started working on the version 1.01 implementing the most requested feature – realistic tire deformation, check out the progress:


8.5.2015 UPDATE:

Bobuo monster truck v1.0 is finally ready


FREE DOWNLOAD BobuoTruck_v1_0

Enjoy, post your animations and leave feedback!



21.3.2015 UPDATE

As you can see on the latest screenshots below I’m acutally not that far from the release as all this projects needs is just a final polish and it’s ready to go!

Simple and easy to use control rig.


Automatic wheel rotation tied to the translation of the main controller works even when the wheels are turned. At the same time you can still cover bumps on the road by tilting the axles (circles facing the camera). Drift control (circle on the ground) allows you to move the truck without the wheels spinning.


Close up of the realistic suspension and steering mechanics.BobuoMonsterDown

Screenshots from test animation – Obstacle course #1BobuoMonsterRagdolBobuoMonsterRagdol2BobuoMonsterRagdol3BobuoMonsterRagdol4


Be sure to leave comments about how excited you are to ensure that I have enough energy to carry me through the finalization process :)