Hello and welcome, my name is Antonin Tripes I'm an animator and a game developer.

I fell in love with animation when I was very young, at first I used to only draw my favorite cartoon characters, but soon I realized I could give movement to my drawings through 2D animation - needles to say I was mind blown and this fascination held me hostage for a few solid years. When I stumbled across the chaotic but powerful world of 3D during my teens I knew there was no going back - I became fully commited to becoming a world class 3D animator, actually the best animator in the world to be completely honest with you. After chasing this dream for a few years I decided to animate a whole game! My game! 

During my career as an animator and game developer I was fortunate enough to work with some really experienced professionals on some of the very best projects out there. On my journey I have not only strengthened my understanding of the animation principles, body mechanics, acting choices, camera work or any other animation skills but I have also gained and then improved my communication managing and directing skills which really helped me to build my way up from an amateur 2D animator to a 3D animation supervisor. Although I feel very confident when it comes to tackling any task I am always very happy for every piece of information or feedback that could help me be less ignorant and make better art :)

I have worked with teams like CD Projekt RED, Remedy, Madfinger games, Bohemia Interactive, Outsource2us, Volta, Gamajun games, Exient or Vatragames. My positions ranged from a freelance 2D animator, Animator, Technical animator, Animation supervisor and Animation Director. If I had to pick one highlight of my carreer it would either have to be be the work I've done on locomotion (core movement) for the main character for Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt or a complete animation structure of female locomotion for Quantum Break.

If you are interested in reading more about animation or some random thoughts I have, please visit the "Animation and metaphysics" 

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 "Game development

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"It is possible and you can do it"

Animation and metaphysics?


I'm as confused as everybody else on this planet and sometimes I write my thoughts down.. it helps alleviate the pressure. It creates different kind of pressure though, I guess you just ought to choose your kind of pressure...